Starting from
Add 10 Additional E-mail Addresses
Add 10 additional e-mail addresses to any plan that supports e-mail

Graphic Design Services
10 MX Boxes & Dedicated IP
3 months On-going Hosting of website and e-mail
- Up to 10 MS exchange email inboxes
- Unlimited Website Hosting Space
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Includes up to 10 hours of on-demand website maintenance
each month for more technical functions that in-house staff
cannot manage.
Please note that hosting is denominated in USD and the
Jamaican equivalent of $170 USD is displayed for this line
item. This is a monthly fee and we ask that payment is made
every three months if possible.
@ 21930.00 x 3
- 3 x Dedicated IP address. This is a monthly charge. @ 5805.00 x 3
- x Please note only three months IP address amount is added to the total

Live Chat Install
Lets add a live chat to your existing website to increase your chances of converting visitors to PAYING customers. A live chat on your website encourages visitors to ask about your products or services and is very likely to help convert that visitor into a paying client. This offer is open to you even if your website is not hosted with Blitz Web Design.
Passive Chat Monitoring
Active Chat Monitoring